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Hello, everybody. My name is Margaret Donnelly. I am the personal secretary for a real estate broker. Many of our clients come from overseas, particularly Asia. When I first took the job, I thought that most of my work would involve making appointments to see properties and organising meetings. That it an important part of my work, but, strange as it may seem, the majority of my time is spent organising entertainment. Restaurants, theatre shows, sporting events and performers for private functions have become my speciality! Clients who are buying million dollar properties need to be wined and dined. I always keep my eyes open for new entertainment options, and my friends generally consult me if we are planning a night out. I have started this blog to keep everyone out there up to date with entertainment news. I hope you find some fun ideas. Thank you.

Alcohol-free Ideas for Buck's Nights

Buck's nights are an important part of the Australian culture and are a great way for the groom's friends and family to celebrate this new stage in their favourite guy's life. If your buck is not a drinker, either for cultural or medical reasons, it can be a good idea to think a bit more laterally when organising this party. Here are some ideas for fun activities for a buck's night, or day, which don't involve alcohol. 

Go karts

A fun idea for a day out with friends is to go karting. This is usually done during the day, but some go karting sessions also let you have night or dusk sessions. This is particularly good for competitive bucks who love to race their friends. It also allows underage guests, like teenage sons, brothers and cousins, to get involved in the races, as they can be restricted from some other driving activities. Go karts are fun for all ages. 


Another fun activity for more active types is to head out for paint-balling. Paint-balling is great for competitive types but can leave some impressively large bruises, so make sure that either people do not shoot the groom in the head or leave a fair bit of time between the paint-balling and the actual wedding ceremony. You could make the bride very unhappy if you return her husband-to-be looking bruised and worse for wear!


Now that your mate is ready to take the plunge into marriage, it could be a good time to take him for another plunge. Skydiving can be a fun activity for a group or just a few mates to go on. You'll usually go for a tandem dive with an experienced skydiver, and you can often even get a sports video short of the drop to the ground so that you can watch it later. 

Cooking class

Finally, another fun idea, if your mate is more domestically inclined and less adventurous, is to all go to a cooking class. That way he can learn a new recipe to surprise his bride and you all end up with some brownie points for doing something useful with your day. It's also a fun chance to hang out with a group of your closest mates. 

A buck's night doesn't need to be filled with alcohol. In fact, by removing alcohol from the buck's night, you have a wider range of activities to choose from and will probably all end up remembering more of the fun you have together.