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Hello, everybody. My name is Margaret Donnelly. I am the personal secretary for a real estate broker. Many of our clients come from overseas, particularly Asia. When I first took the job, I thought that most of my work would involve making appointments to see properties and organising meetings. That it an important part of my work, but, strange as it may seem, the majority of my time is spent organising entertainment. Restaurants, theatre shows, sporting events and performers for private functions have become my speciality! Clients who are buying million dollar properties need to be wined and dined. I always keep my eyes open for new entertainment options, and my friends generally consult me if we are planning a night out. I have started this blog to keep everyone out there up to date with entertainment news. I hope you find some fun ideas. Thank you.

3 Awesome Entertainment Options For A Fun But Civilised Hen's Night

Drunken hen's nights involving outlandish costumes, male strippers, and silly games are considered an Australian tradition by many people. However, if you're a head-bridesmaid or maid of honour who is organising a hen's night for a friend who isn't a drinker or is repulsed by the idea of a stripper, then you may be looking for some more appealing entertainment options. Here are three entertaining, fun, and civilised hen's night options for you to consider. 

1. Hire a psychic

If the bride-to-be is a spiritual person, then hiring a professional psychic for the hen's party can be lots of fun.  The psychic can come along to a venue of your choice and give all of the guests a psychic reading. You may like to ask them to spend extra time with the bride-to-be as it's her special night. 

They may even be able to do a group session and contact loved ones who have passed away so they can convey their wedding wishes to the bride-to-be. Many psychics can also perform palm readings, which can be fun and enlightening in a group setting like this.

2. Hire a magician

If you thought that magicians were only for kids' parties, then think again. Many professional magicians have performances that are specially designed for an adult audience as well as the usual child-friendly option. An adult's magic performance will be slick, mysterious, a little risque, and mind-boggling.

Because the occasion is a hen's night, it's a good idea to ask the magician if the bride-to-be can be included in the performance as much as possible. You could also suggest that the show is centred around a wedding theme, such as making the bride-to-be's engagement ring disappear.

3. Hire a dance instructor

A fun, active, and often hilarious activity for a hen's night is to hire a professional dance instructor to give you an intensive dance class. The wonderful thing about this idea is that there are so many dance styles to choose from. Tap dancing, burlesque, belly dancing, the tango, and pole dancing are all popular choices for hen's nights.

Having the bride-to-be and your group of guests dress up in appropriate dance costumes will make this activity even more fun and memorable. Hiring these costumes from a dancewear or costume hire business will help keep expenses low. It's a good idea to include details of suitable local business options on the invitation for your guests' convenience.

A hen's night is a wonderful occasion for you to help celebrate your friend's forthcoming marriage with her loved ones. By choosing one of these three options, you'll ensure a fun-filled and memorable night, without the head-thumping hangover the next day.