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Fun Times: All The Latest Entertainment News

Hello, everybody. My name is Margaret Donnelly. I am the personal secretary for a real estate broker. Many of our clients come from overseas, particularly Asia. When I first took the job, I thought that most of my work would involve making appointments to see properties and organising meetings. That it an important part of my work, but, strange as it may seem, the majority of my time is spent organising entertainment. Restaurants, theatre shows, sporting events and performers for private functions have become my speciality! Clients who are buying million dollar properties need to be wined and dined. I always keep my eyes open for new entertainment options, and my friends generally consult me if we are planning a night out. I have started this blog to keep everyone out there up to date with entertainment news. I hope you find some fun ideas. Thank you.

4 Reasons to Fit a Pinball Machine in Your Bar Instead of a Pool Table

If you want to add some entertainment to your bar, you might end up trying to decide between a pinball machine and a pool table. There are strengths on both sides, but bars usually find that pinball machines are the better choice. Here are just four reasons why. 1. Space Probably the most compelling reason to choose a pinball machine over a pool table for your bar is that a pinball machine will simply take up a lot less space. Read More